Transitioning Military

As a member of our nation's military, you've made your career focus helping others. You know how important protection, both tangible and intangible, is. It's important for you to understand your complete financial picture and make sure you, and the ones you love, are adequately protected. 

You likely have many questions:

  • What are my options after I transition from military service and the taxes or penalties involved based on my decision?
  • What are the survivor benefit options and how do they affect my family?
  • Can my family be covered or protected after I leave the military?
  • What happens to my coverage after I leave the military?
  • What is the appropriate amount of coverage for me and my family? Can I change my decision in the future?
  •  How do I maintain my same lifestyle that I enjoyed while in the service? How does military pay translate into the civilian equivalent? 

Marc can help you think through and answer all of these questions. There are also resources available to educate you on your options - see for more.