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Thank you for visiting our website. We provide families and individuals with health, long term care, life, disability insurance, in addition to medicare coverage.

So many times in our lives, we would just like to get the information we need to make the best decision for ourselves and our family without it feeling like a sales pitch.  At Marc Sigmon Insurance Agency, we strive to do exactly that.  From the initial phone call or email; through the meetings, virtual connections, or other interaction; to the decision to move forward, you will find that we make this journey together.  From asset protection to long term care planning to retirement income strategies, Marc Sigmon Insurance Agency is here to build your future and take the next steps together. 

Our goal is to help you find the insurance plans that fit your needs. Take a few minutes exploring our site to learn about the types of coverage we provide and the educational resources we offer, and then contact us to discuss how we can help meet your unique needs.