Get To Know Your Agent Marc Sigmon

I grew up as a youngster in a rural Colorado town where we knew the number of stoplights, restaurants, and bars. We spent our summers working on farms, helping out our neighbors, and learned what it meant to give someone your word. Those small town values traveled with me as I spent the first 20 years of my adult life in the United States Navy, proudly serving in both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

As I concluded my Navy career, I received my bachelors degree and looked forward to my next career adventure. Becoming an insurance agent was not on my list of careers! It actually happened by accident. I came across an insurance company that focused on Medicare options and the need for long term care planning in our society. At the time, my mother was turning 65, so I helped her decide on what plan would be best for her. That decision to help her led me to pursue a career as an insurance agent to help others.

While I was in the Navy, I learned many valuable skills that would transition into service to others. I was certified as a CPR instructor, trained as a suicide interventionist, and developed a passion to volunteer and serve within my community. I became involved with my church, chambers of commerce, charity organizations, and am a leader in my community. These skills have made me into the agent that I am today.

That term… agent … what does it truly mean?

For me, it takes me back in time when we had doctors and other professionals that made house calls. They were the trusted “agents” that the neighborhood relied on when help was needed the most. I use that same approach as I guide clients to ensure they are properly protected and planning for their future. My personal experience of tragedies in my family drives me to provide time-proven strategies that have proven to be effective and prevent others from suffering as we did. My goal is to be the go to source to everyone I encounter and serve them as their agent.

My name is Marc Sigmon, I am an agent and the CEO of Marc Sigmon Insurance Agency. Let’s Take the Next Steps Together.